Battery scooty or Electric scooter plug-in electric vehicle with two or three wheels. The electricity is stored on a board in a rechargeable battery, which can drive one or more electric motors.

TNR e vehicles industry brings to you the most sensational revolution in Electric Vehicles. The TNR jetter or Battery operated scooty of the century featuring,  Go green certified, No license required, ICAT approved, No registration required facilities to give you the driving experience like you never had before. This TNR e bike, battery-operated scooter support pollution-free rides in easy steps, assisting a longer-lasting drive. With a mileage of approx. 95 kilometers, TNR jetter classic electric scooter or battery scooter offers you a safe drive. Features like, Telescopic and hydraulic breaks, Disk and drum breaks for front and rear control, Tubeless tires with Alloy Rims, to make you change the drive for a better future.

People ask some questions like, Is electric scooter better than petrol?

Electric vehicles are better than petrol and is more cheaper to run.

Jetter Classic

Jetter Classic Electric Scooty or battery operated scooty  has a  rechargeable battery. It is an oil-less scooter. So, the TNR Electric scooter Industry has made a well-recognized name as a Manufacturer, wholesaler and, retailer of the Jetter Classic E Scooter. TNR introduces you to the new TNR Jetter Classic.

This Electric Scooty or battery operated scooty offers you an environment-friendly ride with the ease of charge and drive. It has features like Hydraulic and telescopic shock absorbers, Tubeless tires with Alloy rims for a stylish ride and, has a mileage of 95 kilometers per charge. So, It is a pocket-friendly and energy-efficient Electric vehicle because, it is ICAT Approved and also, Go green certified, no registration, no license required characteristics which make it the ride of the modern times. It is  A revolution in the electric vehicle industry.


There are Turner e scooter or battery operated scooter currently on sale from various outlets. TNR Turner electric is India’s largest electric two-wheeler company.

The company manufactures and sells a range of e scooter, ranging from fuel-efficient models to high-speed models. TNR brings the most sensational revolution in electric vehicles.

The Battery scooters or battery operated scooter of the century provide features like, they are go green certified, No license required, No registration required facilities to give you the driving experience like you never had before. These battery operated scooters support pollution-free rides, provides a longer-lasting drive. So, TNR TURNER offers you a safe drive. Provide Features like Telescopic and hydraulic breaks, Alloy Tubeless tires and, Disc brakes. So, Change the drive for a better future because Electric two-wheeler is very important today. Petrol has become very expensive so, everyone should get it today. Turner electric scooter is in high demand due to its premium quality and affordable prices.

Turner Classic

Battery Scooter or  Electric vehicle Industry has made a well-recognized name as a Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Retailer of Turner Electric Scooter. Turner classic products are high in demand due to their premium quality and affordable prices.

TNR e vehicle brings to you the ride of the future, A charge and ride scooter offers you a mileage of 85 kilometers in a single charge.

Additional features like Shock absorbers, Front rear control breaks, Tubeless wheels with Alloy Rims lets you change your drive with class. The most required revolution in the Electric vehicles supports a comfortable ride with the pollution-free escapade. Battery scooter has smart features such as a New Digital  Meter with Service Reminder, Digital Clock which is convenient for riders.

For TNR e vehicle like TNR e bike, E  Scooters and, or for battery operated scooter, TNR e-vehicles industry has different models on offer from various manufacturers such as Revolt RV400, Okinawa Raise, and Hero Electric Flash LI.

Now, the question arises, Can we charge electric scooter at home?

well, in that case, we can charge the battery scooter or battery in just four-five hours and there is no special outlet is needed for charging the vehicle.

Turner Ex

One of the new additions in the family of TNR E vehicles, Turner Ex is a classic with a new look and specifications. Not only it comes with both battery options, acid, and lithium, but also has the potential to run 75-80km/charge. The company has designed Turner Ex ensuring full safety, dedicated to the scooty’s centre lock with an anti-theft alarm. Riders will have all the privileges of comfortable seating and better suspension. Talking about the essentials, it has a deployed battery of Lead Acid/Lithium having an approx. capacity of 20-38AH(La) / 20-30AH(Li) and a 60V HD motor for better performance and functions. Tuner Ex comes under the categories of low-speed electric scooters with a charging time of 6-8 Hrs(La) / 4-5 Hr (Li).


The next gen EV scooter with high power and performance ZOOBA is one e-scooty we require. Specially designed for Indian roads ensuring comfort and day-to-day travelling frequency, the scooter gives a smooth ride all-over. Running on a long-lasting Lead-acid/ lithium battery with slow battery drainage we wouldn’t need to stop for charging soon. A low speed with a mileage of 75-80 KM/ Charge, Zooba is a decent scooty for the Indian market. Hydraulic shockers, tubeless tyres and Front DISC Brake – all must-have features in one.

Zooba 30

Best in class and performance with affordable price, in the league of Electric Scooties TNR has set its base in the EV industry. TNR Zooba is a classic and stylish scooty with modern features, maximum safety insurance with Centre lock & Anti-Theft alarm system. Its a low-speed two-vehicle with a mileage of 50-55 KM/charge.
Ensuring comfort, style, convenience and look – all in one.